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Laissez Moi Caftans

"Lay-Seh Mw-Ah" (french>english) 

Let me be!


What if you could dream while you were awake? That’s the question that inspired our Spring/Summer 2017 Collection, which features contemporary Caftan style dresses and tunics for all occasions. Women should have the freedom to move through the waking world as if they are at rest. So we designed our pieces to make every day feel like a comfortable dream.

It all started of with a vision of fantasy. Inspired by comfort and nostalgia. I remember watching  a film that I somehow created my own parallel illusion of reality...  The movie Mahogany, with Diana Ross- left me feeling inspired at a very young age. To be! Whatever I aspired to be.....

Click  HERE  to watch my inspiration:  Mahogany with Diana Ross   

Click HERE to watch my inspiration:  Mahogany with Diana Ross



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